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They are after your money. Don’t worry, I am on the case.

Dove Soap

Dove have been running a rather stupid advert showing the difference between Dove and ordinary soap.  They put some coloured paper in the shape of a woman on bars of soap and left them on the soap bar.  Ordinary soap destroys the paper whereas Dove doesn’t. So bloody what! Continue reading

Gosh! Hugh Laurie is the new L’Oreal Men Brand Ambassador

“This morning the L’Oreal Ambassador, Mr Hugh Laurie,  handed Gillette a final note stating that, unless we hear from them by 11 o’clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their Gillette Series Senstive Skin Gel from the top shelf at the supermarket, a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received.”

I am not sure what a brand ambassador does exactly, though I suppose it probably doesn’t involve declaring war on other brands.  It is just as well in the case of Hugh Laurie. Continue reading

The Art of the Puff

Regency Dandy

Regency Dandy (from Wikipedia)

If you want to advertise a product on television most countries have some kind of regulations in place about what you can and can’t say.  Specific claims usually need some kind of justification. And rightly so – you shouldn’t be able to lie about what your stuff can do. But there is a lot you can say about a product that is not in any way specific and there aren’t any particular rules about this.  Nor could there be.  The professionals in advertising distinguish between what they call ‘the claims’ and other stuff intended to promote the product.

The other stuff is called puff.

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Is the Lynx Effect real?

lynx effect Lynx run a series of tongue in cheek adverts promoting their product’s ability to improve your attractiveness to women.  Some of them are very amusing.  I always have a twinge of concern with these kinds of things though.  Some people are very sensitive about their lack of appeal to the opposite sex, and I do wonder if these adverts play on people’s insecurities without actually offering them a solution.  Nobody actually believes that spraying a mid-price fragrance onto themselves is going to actually help their prospects with the ladies. Or will it?

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