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Bio-Oil prevents stretch marks?


Bio-Oil prevents stretch marks according to a PR e-mail I have just received.  The evidence?  A photograph of a celebrity who is pregnant, and not wearing any clothes.  Obviously celebrities are better than us and so we should take what they say extremely seriously, but I have to say I have my doubts.

I have reviewed Bio-Oil before, and I am prepared to believe that it is a product that might be of some help in clearing stretch marks a little more quickly than leaving them to themselves.  The ingredients seem to have the right sort of properties to do so.  I am also impressed by the number of people who have posted positive comments about their experience online.  I am less impressed by the data produced by the company that makes the stuff.  The ASA weren’t either and restricted some of the claims that could be made for Bio-Oil.

But what about the idea that Bio-Oil prevents stretch marks? Well that is a completely different claim.  I don’t think that there is any particularly good reason to believe this is the case.   Pictures of attractive blond women with no clothes on don’t really add to the debate.

Incidentally I have no idea who this particular celebrity is.  Her name is Nell McAndrew if that means anything to you.  If I am getting stuff through I dare say other bloggers will be as well.  So if you really want to see her supposedly well oiled bump I am sure it will turn up somewhere in the world of beauty bloggery soon enough.   I don’t think it is the kind of think people tune into Colin’s Beauty Pages for though, so I’ll give it a miss.

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If you are interested in Bio-Oil make sure you have a look at what the ASA said about their marketing claims four years ago.

What the ASA said about Bio-Oil


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