Jasmine Oil for Acne

Jasmine- for Acne?

A question from Talia

I’ve got cystic acne. Currently I am on prescription medication, but before I was, I would get people stopping me in the street suggesting home remedies for the problem. One unusual one, offered by an East Indian man, was to apply jasmine oil to the pimples. I never tried it (it’s expensive stuff — I assume anyway that he meant jasmine essential oil) but am wondering what the benefit would be? I’ve also heard lavender oil similarly suggested. (Tea tree oil is also classic and common recommendation — but that one I did try, though to no effect.) I know in the case of tea tree oil it’s supposed to be antibacterial — would this hold true for the floral oils?

I have looked at data for both lavender oil and tea trea oil which is supportive of them working against acne.  But I haven’t done a systematic review of the literature on either.  I am afraid the project I was working on got cancelled before I could do the job properly.

I think essential oils are usually worth giving a try because they are cheap and rarely do any harm.   What do you have to lose?  But jasmine for acne is a bit different. I don’t think jasmine oil falls into this category though because it is really really expensive.

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  1. I use tea tree oil in a mixture of warm water and put a small hand towel or face cleaning pad in it and massage my face with it. It works great. I’ll have to try Jasmine also!

  2. My mom used to have cystitic acne when she was younger but then she discovered Halibut Liver Oil, which is high in Vitamin A. It cleared right up when she started taking it. I also started using it and my acne has greatly improved.

    Also, I believe diet plays a huge roll. After consuming wheat, I break out. So I cut it out of my diet and have seen great results.

    I also dropped sugar, for the most part. If I do eat sugar-containing foods, I try to make sure there is a low amount, and the quality is good (unrefined, organic).

    Good luck!

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