Pack Copy Checks

Do you need someone to double check your pack copy for problems you haven’t spotted?  We’ve been looking at packs for a long time and have built up a checklist of what needs to be on them and some of the things that often go wrong.

The way it works is you send us a PDF of your artwork.  We upload it to  Adobe Acrobat which enables us to mark it up with comments, observations and questions.  These comments are shared with you, and you can come back to us with your own questions and comments.  The file remains on the cloud indefinitely so you can refer back to it in the future.  All the comments are named and dated, so you can see who said what and when.  All in all it is a great solution to managing your product’s artwork.

Give the system a try here

We charge based on the number of panels you need checking, where each panel is a distinct bit of artwork.  So the picture below would count as two panels.  A wrap around label would be one panel.  A front label and a back label would be two panels.

For more details including pricing – Cosmetic Pack Copy Check




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