My name is Colin and I am a cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist and I work as an independent consultant developing new beauty products and helping out cosmetic and pharma companies with projects, trouble shooting and regulations.  I have been doing it for over thirty years, so I have picked up a lot about what people do to try to enhance their appearance.

I am more or a chemist than anything, but have dabbled in lots of disciplines as anyone does who has spent most of their working life working in product development. I have developed licensed pharmaceuticals for dermatological applications, own brand toiletries for big multiple retailers, branded products and treatments for skin conditions. I am a beauty industry insider – I have heard marketing people talking about how they sell the products and I have been in the factories where the cosmetics you use are made. And most of all, I have looked at the data behind the claims.  I am particularly interested in the skin.  This is often described as the largest organ in the body – and it is certainly one of my favourites.

I like to formulate products that are elegant but simple.  I keep myself up to date with the latest literature in the field and it is always my aim to work with the best understanding of the science of how the formulations work and how the body works.  This has been an enthralling life study and if this website can share some of my wonder at the amazing biology of the human body then I will be very happy.

I accept paid adverts but not paid for editorial. I rarely accept free review samples – trust me the last thing I need in my life is more personal care products – but will consider them if the product is sufficiently interesting to justify writing about. I retain the right to say exactly what I think about them.

Some product reviews are illustrated with photos from my Amazon affiliate account. If these lead to a sale I receive a truly pathetic, indeed almost insulting, percentage of the sale price.

I’d have to be pretty desperate for this derisory source of income to have any impact on the opinions expressed about the product. Indeed you only have to read what I say in my reviews to see that they are not remotely motivated by a desire to earn a commission. Certainly not by the the miserly crumbs that Amazon dishes out. I wouldn’t bother but it is a quick and easy way to get hold of a product image that has no intellectual property issues.

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If you are interested in my consulting services you can find more details of what I offer at – if you want to just contact me about this blog with a question or a comment, my e-mail address is colin at colinsbeautypages dot co dot uk.



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