Essential Oils


Based on a totally unscientific sample of people whose opinion of Jasmine I happen to know, it is a very polarising smell and is one that appeals to men more than women.  That many people don’t particularly like the smell is a bit unfortunate given the trouble that has to be gone to to obtain

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Neroli is an essential oil made from the petals of the bitter orange.  The amount of oil in a petal isn’t very high so it takes a lot of  them to make much oil.  So it isn’t surprising to learn that the use of neroli oil was originated by an aristocrat.  The production and use

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The tropical uplands of Somalia and the Yemen are a hard and unforgiving environment.  To survive there the Frankincense tree has had to develop some nifty abilities.  One of these is a thick resin that exudes from damaged parts of its trunk and branches. The sticky substance rapidly provides a defence against the teeth of

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