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Athena 7 minute lift
Athena 7 minute lift

Product reviews are a big part of Colin’s Beauty Pages and I intend to add reviews as I come across interesting products.  I try to give a considered opinion of products and to give you information that you might otherwise come across, rather than straight forward user tests.  As I am drawing on my experience in the development of cosmetic products I don’t always feel the need to actually use the products myself.

The selection of products is simply things that seem to me to be of interest.  I don’t choose products for their sales figures or because they are being heavily promoted.  I have a bias towards UK products and launches simply because that is where I live.  I also have a few prejudices – like anyone else there are people and companies I like, and a few that I don’t.  I try not to let them influence me too much but I am only human so be warned.

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


Skin creams are the products in which I am most interested.  In addition to individual products I have also reviewed the science behind effective anti-wrinkle products.

Nanoblur is a very good concealer, though it doesn’t work for everyone.

Aldi Creams – These low cost products have generated a lot of interest on the web.  I was quite impressed.

Aldi Creams Update

Creme de la Mer Review

Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Review

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter – you know, the one some women have been putting on their faces

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter Update

Boots No 7 Serum – as featured on Horizon.  Probably the most popular article I have written.

Athena 7 Minute Lift

Garnier Moisture Match


John Masters Organic Zinc and Sage Shampoo Review


Head and Shoulders


I am fascinated by the number of beauty devices that get launched.  I will be looking out for more of these.  I think improving the skin quickly with a machine is a really tough challenge and I although I try to approach these things with an open mind I will need a lot of convincing before I accept the claims made.


Oil Based Cleansers

And not to forget a product that is in a category of its own: Bio-Oil

You might also find interesting what I think about supermarket own brand cosmetics.

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  1. janice williams

    I used the boots serum until i read an article about the anti wrinkle serum from aldi which i think is a better product. Any views on the aldi product?

    1. Hi Sam,

      Sorry I have been fiddlling with the settings of my blog following a major problem I had a few weeks ago. I have reinstated the contact form on the problem page now.


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