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Garnier-moisture-matchGarnier Moisture Match is a range of moisturising products varied to match different skin types.  This is a really neat idea and I am a bit surprised that nobody has done it before. (Standard caveat -in the beauty business somebody has always done it before.  I mean none of the major players has done it before.)  It makes sense because what a moisturiser mainly does it provide a barrier to the skin to prevent water loss. The actual moisture comes from inside your body.  All the product does is slow down the rate you lose it at.  We all have different degrees of water loss and so our choice of moisturiser is a very individual one.

In fact we probably should use different moisturisers on different bits of body.  We do this to some extent by having face creams, hand creams and body lotions.  But if you were really fine tuning your regime you might well want to be even more discriminating and experiment to find the best cream for each area of dry skin you are looking after.  So for this a range like this new one from Garnier would be the ideal solution.

Having said all that, I am a bit disappointed that it is Garnier that have done this.  Garnier are part of L’Oreal who are the evil empire of the cosmetic world.  I suppose it distracts them from building the death star I am sure that they are in the middle of constructing under Paris.  But I would have preferred to see an innovation like this coming from a smaller company who would take it a bit more seriously.

The trouble with big companies, and L’Oreal are the worse for this, is that marketing takes over the whole operation.  This means that advertising is all about projecting brand image and mirroring consumers core values or whatever the latest mumbo jumbo is.

So on the Garnier Moisture Match website you see marvels of photoshop depicting implausibly attractive female faces who all look way to young to even need a moisturiser.  The products have stupid taglines like ‘shine be gone’ and ‘start afresh’.  To be fair, you can work out which products are the heaviest duty ones.  But why couldn’t they simply number them?

Of course you can’t possibly launch a range like Garnier Moisture Boost without some botanical tip ins that do sod all but make the product sound somehow natural.  This bit is probably the most thoroughly researched of the whole project, and no doubt the conclusion of the focus groups is represented in the choice of camellia, green tea, blue lotus, jaffa cake, citrus and lemon as the headline ingredients.  I am not sure why they need both a citrus and a lemon extract.  I don’t know of any real benefit any of these bits of botany, but there will only be a trace of them in there anyway so what the heck.

I haven’t got my hands on any of these formulations yet, but Garnier usually do a good job of formulating decent products.  If you can stomach the marketing this does sound like an interesting and innovative approach to skin care.


Wallow in marketing mumbo jumbo on the Garnier Moisture Match website

If you want a proper review of the actual products this is a pretty good one.

5 thoughts on “Garnier Moisture Match”

  1. snicker. giggle. chuckle. Love this post. I’ve re-read it several times now. The jaffa cakes is my fave part. No! The tips-ins- No, wait, it’s the death star part… nope, sorry, I can’t decide. Love it all.

  2. I’m really glad you looked at these. I was interested but frankly, the ads put me off by making me think its only for young skin.That’s a major bone of contention I have have with the beauty industry. Any fool knows the average U.K. 16 year old could care less about skin care. In any case, I’ll look for them again.

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