Colin Solves Your Problems 3: Dry skin below the eyebrows

Dry skin below the eyebrows
Dry skin can occur just about anywhere

Thanks for an interesting question from Mike

I have extremely sensitive skin below my eybrows. The skin appears to be very sensitive to sun/wind/perspiration. I am a keen cyclist so am very prone. I wear wrap around sunglasses but his does not help. Using various creams seems to aggrivate the sorness. My daughter has suggested dermalogica total eye. Can you help?


When I was a student one of my friends shaved off his eye brows.  I am still not entirely sure why he did this, but it was probably attention seeking at some level or other.  It made him look odd, but it took a while to work exactly what was wrong.

One of the consequences was that he found that if he ran, as the sweat started to run down into his eyes.  It was bad enough that he had to give up playing rugby until his eye brows had grown back.

I think there may be a clue as to the root cause of your trouble here.  I wonder if when you are cycling small quantities of sweat are accumulating in your eye brows and slowly leaking down onto the skin between your eye brows and your eyes.  If so, I think the solution might be to dispense with creams and instead go for Vaseline.  This ought to provide a strong enough barrier to let your skin recover.  It will work best if you apply it before strenuous exercise.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care is a great product but I am not sure that this is the kind of problem it would be good for.  It would also be a pretty expensive to use in large quantities.

Here is my review of Dermalogica Total Eye Care.






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  1. When I was about 14 I cut my eyelashes off, I think I was bored, but my eyes were uncomfortable for days…

    I used to try and cut my hair also, it always ended up in tears, especially when I would cut a curly fringe or try to cut my hair at the back. However, it was only until my late 20’s that i decided eyebrow grooming may be the way to go…I have never looked back. I just thoughtIi would share.

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