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Wellbox comes to UK – Review

Wellbox, a new beauty device, has just been launched at Harrods. You can read what the manufacturers have to say about it on this link to the Wellbox website. I haven’t yet seen this in real life, so this is a bit of a tentative review. This is being knocked out at Harrods for just under a grand (i.e., £999). It claims to stimulate collagen and promote fluid exchange.

I am afraid I have no idea what fluid exchange means. If it does indeed stimulate collagen creation there’s a good chance it might have some beneficial effects. I have searched through their various websites and can’t find either any evidence that it stimulates collagen or any scientific evidence that supports the idea that it might work. There isn’t even any hint about the way it might work.

I am very sceptical about this product. I don’t know of any process that you can apply to the surface of the skin that would do what they are claiming – even a review of some testimonials would be something. But as they don’t offer up any support for it I suppose we have to accept that it might be doing something. And if it does work the hefty price tag looks quite cheap. It wouldn’t take the average beauty enthusiast long to get through £1,000 worth of skin products, so if you could dispense with them and use this machine instead it could be a good investment.

But until we hear some actual evidence, I suggest keeping your money in your pocket is probably the best strategy. (If anyone from the company making it is reading this I would be than happy to post any response to my skepticism.)

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