Update on water intake

A report in the Independent in the UK today raises doubts about the benefits of drinking water. Well it is part of the scientific process to review your opinions in the light of new data, but this seems to be simply a review paper rather than any new research. I still don’t see any reason to doubt the paper I reviewed a while back suggesting that there are positive benefits to drinking water. Mind you, I was only talking about the condition of the skin. I haven’t looked into any other health benefits.

I think it is important to keep an open mind on these things.  The body is a bit like a big factory – taking in raw materials like oxygen, food and water and processing them into, well, you.  Like a factory it will struggle if short of a particular raw material.  But adding more won’t necessarily help if there is already enough.  On balance I think that drinking a lot of water is probably good for your skin but if better research comes along I am quite likely to change my mind.

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