Trends For 2019

My predictions for the big trends of 2019.

Cannabidiol is being treated by everyone on the business as the next big thing. It is getting media coverage as a treatment for mental health problems, so its connection to personal care isn’t that obvious. But if you think logic has anything to do with this sort of thing, well you haven’t been paying attention. Anything with a bit of a buzz around it is good enough.  In fact there is a reasonably good case for cannabidiol being of some use on the skin.  If it can affect receptors in the brain there is a pretty good chance that will do the same to receptors in the skin which could be beneficial for pain and itch.  We don’t have any data to back this up yet, but that isn’t the kind of detail that troubles the folk who are looking to get ahead in a crowded market.  

At time of writing everyone is talking about cannabidiol and there are lots of projects going on.  A few pioneering skus have hit the shelves, but it is far from mass market yet.  I predict that by this time next year there will be CBD variations of most of the major brands and maybe even a couple of new ones.

Gemstones and Precious Metal seem to be in vogue. I am not sure where this trend has come from. It has sort of been around for a couple of decades but seems to be really motoring right now. By its nature though I think this one won’t be going mass market. The whole point of precious commodities is that they are rare. But I think this is going to be a big and growing niche for a while.

The natural sector continues to grow, but at the same time to merge Into the mainstream. There is nothing to stop big mass market brands making natural claims, and they are certainly carrying on doing it. And as natural consumers become more numerous they become less evangelical about what is and isn’t natural and more interested in performance. So over time the difference between natural and conventional is narrowing. I think the days when simply being natural was enough of a reason for being are over. People still like things to be natural, but they want more besides.

Actives have come into vogue as consumers get better informed about how the products they use work. This has led to interest in active ingredients and the levels at which they are used. The days when how you got the effect was something that only the guys in the lab where interested in seem to be over now and brands are going to increasingly need to take this into account in their marketing and formulation. The company that has ridden this trend most closely is of course the Ordinary. You can still read my blog post on the Ordinary where I thought that they had a good idea but wasn’t sure they would be able to make it fly. It turns out they could, and then some.

I have a feeling that some entrepreneur will come up with another way of turning a profit out of this basic idea.

So in summary you can look forward to cannabidiol, precious stuff, more natural standard products and more standard natural products along with plenty of talk about and higher levels of actives.

That’s my take anyway.

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