Should you use anti-wrinkle creams when you are way too young to have wrinkles

My twitter chum featuresjourno drew my attention to a recent article in the UK press which warned that anti-wrinkle creams could be damaging to the skin of young women.  A survey has found that a third of women under 25 had used an anti-wrinkle cream.  The article suggested that this put them at risk of damaging their skin because the products were aimed at women over forty.

So should you be worried?  Will these creams harm your skin? No evidence was put forward to back up this suggestion.  I can’t think of anything that is safe for old skin and unsafe for young skin.  Featuresjourno asked about retinol.  This works by stimulating collagen synthesis so I suppose you could just about envisage that it might do some harm in some way.  But I am far from convinced.  The skin is a pretty dynamic organ that is constantly replenshing itself.  In fact I am pretty sure that a teenager will not come to any long term using anti-wrinkle creams.

Looking at it from the other point of view, is there any benefit to using anti-wrinkle creams at an early age?  Can they delay the onset of wrinkles in years to come.  Again there is no evidence one way or the other, but I really doubt it.  My advice is that if you don’t have wrinkles, don’t bother with an anti-wrinkle treatments.

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