Nano materials are a category of material that has gone from the status of great white hope for the future to major threat to life on the planet without going through the normal intermediate stages of being widely used for anything useful or giving rise to any actual problems.

Unfortunately the blog post that was here got lost during the transfer from one host to another.  I will come back and rewrite it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I have posted my video on the subject.

Apologies – Colin

3 thoughts on “Nanotechnology”

  1. This is a subject which sorely requires more information. The general public is, for the most part, absolutely clueless in regards to this issue. Please rewrite/repost this blog entry. Have been reading your blog for days – not hours – now. I’m a small scale formulator & am always educating myself. Your blog is a great resource, regardless of whether or not people agree with everything posted.

    1. Hello Sandra, thanks for reminding me. I really must get around to rewriting this. There is a rather crummy video I did on the subject, which I have embedded for the time being.

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