This list is kept up to date by readers contributing suggestions and pointing out errors and/or changes.  If you know of a product that is MI free, just post it in the comments below.

Arm and Hammer powdered detergent

All Stainlifter Free and Clear (US?)

Charlies Soap (US)
– laundry
-household cleaners

Ecover (UK) – though do note that not all Ecover products are MI free.

Rainett Washing Up Liquid

LemiShine Dishwasher Pacs (US)

Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Pacs (US)

Dawn (hard to believe) PLATINUM ONLY Dishwashing foam(US)

Persil colour protect capsules (UK) * See Patricia’s comment

Morrisons colour protect capsules(UK) * See Patricia’s comment

Surecare Sensitive Super concentrated Laundry liquid (UK) * See Patricia’s comment

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