MI Free Laundry Detergents

This list is kept up to date by readers contributing suggestions and pointing out errors and/or changes.  If you know of a product that is MI free, just post it in the comments below.

Arm and Hammer powdered detergent

All Stainlifter Free and Clear (US?)

Charlies Soap (US)
– laundry
-household cleaners

Ecover (UK) – though do note that not all Ecover products are MI free.

Rainett Washing Up Liquid

LemiShine Dishwasher Pacs (US)

Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Pacs (US)

Dawn (hard to believe) PLATINUM ONLY Dishwashing foam(US)

Persil colour protect capsules (UK) * See Patricia’s comment

Morrisons colour protect capsules(UK) * See Patricia’s comment

Surecare Sensitive Super concentrated Laundry liquid (UK) * See Patricia’s comment

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26 thoughts on “MI Free Laundry Detergents”

  1. I must say you lists of MI free products leaves a lot to be desired. All every link did was push people to buy your Kindle mini book. Won’t be back here til you have a true list of MI Free products. Very disappointed. If you ever get a printable list e-mail me, otherwise DO NOT CONTACT ME!!!!!

  2. rosemary honeywood

    Agree with Wanda. I suppose you are in the US. Here in France I’ve found one, one only, washing up liquid called Rainett,which doesn’t have MIT included and now it seems they’re making clothes washing stuff too. I used to use shampoo with mit, and wondered why my hair fell out; now I use a cake of good soap!

  3. What Wanda and Rosemary may want to take note of is that the more MI free products are added to each list, the further down the page the mini Kindle book ad appears. So rather than making entirely unhelpful comments, why not start contributing to the lists?

  4. This is one of the most difficult area’s I’ve found as most washing machine products don’t list the full ingredients. I have been using Persil colour protect capsules, Morrisons colour protect capsules, Surecare Sensitive Super concentrated Laundry liquid ‘with nothing in it to irritate the skin’ but take the precaution of running an extra rinse programme with all of them. Obviously this is expensive and not very environmentally friendly in view of the extra power and water used. Perhaps there is something that can be done to require the full list of ingredients to be displayed on containers?

    1. That is a good point about labelling Patricia. It would make so much sense if household products followed the same nomenclature as cosmetics.

  5. I use Arm and Hammer powdered detergent, Dermatologist tested and Free and Clear of perfumes and dyes. I have super sensitive skin and the MI allergy. So far it gets our clothes clean and my skin is clearing up.
    I also wash my hair with bar soap and my hair isn’t falling out any more.

      1. Sandra Wilkins

        I’ve used All Free and Clear for years. But have never been itch or rash free I just learned about MI. I am beginning my search for laundry detergent that I can use. I have ordered Crystal wash. I pray that it work’s

  6. When I learned I was allergic to MI the most difficult product to switch out was laundry detergent, a great majority of products contain the chemical preservative methylchloroisothiazolinone. I have found biokleen laundry liquid does not.

  7. I just contacted the help line for All Stainlifter Free and Clear, and they guided me to the Ingredient Disclosure on their website. In the ingredient list, neither MI or MCI are listed. I was concerned, as I have just been diagnosed with MCI allergy and have been using this detergent. I already found that my body wash, liquid hand soap and Method cleaning products all contain MI or MCI.

  8. I don’t like to bring politics into this but with Brexit, EU laws protecting consumer’s rights will disappear. products will not need to show all ingredients, etc unless it is in the UK laws. But it isnt as UK many UK laws protecting consumers are based on EU laws.
    Brexit may trigger UK businesses to counteract all the legalities that were set up over the years to protect consumers. We will go backwards in time regarding legal matters.

  9. I dont think there will be a problem re labelling and the UK and Europe. Our rules are so much tighter than USA.

    Oh by the way Distinctive washing powder is Mi Free & Paraben free and fully manufactured UK. 🙂

    1. Here in California a new law passed saying that all products that say “perfume or fragrance ” must show ingredients in that perfume or fragrance. Thank God 1 step forward Lonnie California USA

  10. I’m a nurse who developed an allergy to MCI/MI. I expect this is from years of hand washing with liquid antibacterial hand soaps. From what I have read methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (MCI/MI) are biocides and preservatives that are used in liquid, non-food, products (or any such product containing water) to minimize the growth of microbes and to preserve and prolong the product’s shelf life. That said, powdered laundry products generally do not contain these chemicals as the shelf life is not jeopardized because it is not in a liquid state.
    I have googled and tired some “homemade” laundry products. At present I am very comfortable washing lightly soiled clothing and bedding or towels in nothing more than 1/2c distilled white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt. They come out clean, smelling fresh, and are static free. I’ve also noticed less fading. Thank you Facebook for that recipe. Many other homemade laundry detergent recipes are available on line for free. Making your own laundry product will guarantee you a product free from MCI/MI in a country that does not require laundry manufacturers to list ingredients on their packaging although it can be assumed if it’s liquid it does contain a preservative of some kind.
    As others may have experienced I have the same reaction to a product that is applied to the skin and left on such as a cosmetic as I do to a product that is washed off or expected to be washed out such as a detergent but leaves enough of a residue to cause a reaction.
    I have problems finding hair products I like where both the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand does not have one of them containing MCI/MI. Dish soaps are definitely another problem. Even Sprouts Farmers Market, a local Natural and Organic food store, sells a Free & Clear dish washing product that contains MI. The enticing label which exclaims “Tough on grease, Gentle on skin, Plant based formula, non-toxic, no SLES, no artificial colors, no perfumes AND certified cruelty free” but still contains methylisothiazolinone so it is still NOT good for you. So counterproductive to have a good product preserved by a bad chemical. Do your own due diligence and research the products that you intend to use on you or your family. If you can’t find what you need without the harmful chemicals, make your own when you can. Methylisothiazolinone in baby wipes….really?!?

  11. Omgoodness so happy to have found this site. I am at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong with me. After I shower I have a rash, when I pick up my baby I rash, seems like everything I touch gives me a rash. I think I definitely have a reaction to MI and also SLS.
    Is there a soap, shampoo and conditioner that is free of these two villains?
    Does anyone know if A&H powder detergent have SLS listed as an ingredient?

  12. Very grateful for these comments. I’ve been allergic to MIT for 8 years and know almost instantly when I’ve used an offending product. For years I’ve been using Co-op 2-in-1 laundry liquid but they have discontinued it now – very annoying! Will try Morrison’s or Persia Colour run and see how I get on. Thanks for your support

  13. I was OVERJOYED to find this site. Have been diagnosed 2 years. But in last two weeks my eyes have developed scaly itchy. Have just had interior of house painted. Maybe? Haven’t checked paint labels.

    Since my diagnosis I have been careful to check labels of personal products. Thought METHOD laundry prod. would be without. HAH!! Only their smallest bottles are free. (Maybe not even that now.) Thanks for this website.

  14. Jennifer Contreras

    All persil products are okay, I’m waiting to hear back from tide. Palmolive eco is also safe to use. But dawn is not.
    I’m in the US

  15. I’ve been researching lately as I need to sort my skin out. I’m doing an elimination diet (of products) and washing powder is a difficult one, hence why I found this site. I happened across Tru Earth Eco-strips (frag free) and the ingredients all seem fine to me. Any comments/theories on this product?

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