MI Free Facial Washes and Cleansers

I am compiling a list of products that are free of methylisothiazolinone.  I often get asked for lists like this, but it is impossible for one person to keep such things up to date even when they are as heavily involved in the cosmetic industry as I am.  Please help by adding your suggestions in the comments below.

FirstAid Beauty (US)

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser (US)

Espa Cleanse and Exfoliate Nourishing Cleansing Balm (UK)

Free & Clear shampoo (US)

18 thoughts on “MI Free Facial Washes and Cleansers”

  1. I use Free & Clear shampoo because it does not have MI as an ingredient. I also use Free & Clear bar soap, but I don’t confirm that is it also devoid of MI. Can you help?

  2. Estee Lauder Take it Away make up remover Lotion All skintypes works for me.

    (I have details of a number of skincare products and some cosmetics that Estee Lauder have told me are MI free. Would you like me to post them?)

    1. That would be great Patricia. Which country are you in? Big companies like Estée Lauder sometimes have different preservatives in different regions.

  3. I use Body Shop ..ALOE..daily, day & night moisturiser,toner,,cleanser etc …..Camomile waterproof eye&lip make-up remover , free from (shortened to ) Me-isothiazolinone & MeCl-isothiazolinone , & phenoxyethanol …

    1. Hi Desiree, tablet soaps rarely need preservation so I haven’t created a list for them. I will add a list for liquid soaps at some stage.

  4. What about the Cetaphil brand? Does anyone know? It doesn’t list MI as an ingredient but didn’t see it listed here.

  5. Andrea Stevenson

    Hi, I have just discovered the hard way, that my Loreal foundation is culprit for the chemical burn/ facial skin reaction. The insidious reaction of dry red itchy patches after a few weeks of use was initially diagnosed & treated as seborrhoec dermatitis. The condition gradually improved when I stopped using all skin care & makeup products & just used the medicated cream prescribed. However, when the face condition resolved & I re-commenced use of Loreal foundation, I suffered a bad chemical type burn to most of face including upper & lower eyelids within a few hrs of application. I am 70yrs & havent ever suffered any allergies before. Many thanks to everyone’s comments & especially Colin for providing the information on MI free products. I have now returned all Loreal products & been refunded by my local pharmacy.

  6. Beautycounter Nourishing line is amazing and MI free! Also, the dew tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite products ever. Even if I didn’t have an MI allergy I’d use this line.

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