Men who moisturise update

I was idly looking through product websites and came across the Elemis one. For people who don’t know the brand, this is a mid-market spa range promoted principally in spas. (Their marketing people will be shaking their fists and saying they are up-market I expect.) Quite nice products on the whole. Anyway they have a mens range, which they may have done for a while but I have only just noticed.

The thing that attracted my attention was that they had a mens range at all – I would have thought that their customers were almost exclusively women. But the interesting thing is the way they have packaged them. Elemis have a very distinctive and quite elegant white pack. But they have put the stuff for blokes in black. They have also simplified the offering. This is clearly aimed at men. Men want solutions to their problems and they don’t want to mess around. And they don’t like white things either. How many times do you see a white motorbike? All in all a product aimed at men with the intention that men buy it – not a product for a woman to buy for a man. So a spa brand going for the men who moisturise.

I would love to know how well they are doing…..

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