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The Making Cosmetics show is on at the National Motor Cycle Museum in Birmingham.  I’ll be packing my bags and heading up there.  I am giving a talk on NPD. (If you don’t know that is, don’t worry there will be some recycled presentation notes interesting blog posts coming up over the next couple of weeks.)

This show has quickly established itself on the UK cosmetics industry scene.  This is only the third one but already everybody seems to be going to it.  This wasn’t at all inevitable.  There are already plenty of events in the beauty calendar.  Whether another one was needed was a very debatable point.

I think what the organisers seem to have realised is that if you want to pull a crowd you have to have something to attract them.  What marks Making Cosmetics out is the large amount of content they have put together.  They have speakers on a whole range of subjects that are of interest to people involved in the cosmetic business.  There is a saying amongst bloggers that ‘content is king’.  This reflects the fact that if you want readers you have to write something they want to read.

As the world gets smaller and more connected I think what is true of blogs will become more and more true of trade events as well.  And I think it might be true for a lot of other things in their own way.  People have lots of options today on where they invest their time and attention.  You really need to offer them something that stands out.  I am hoping the Making Cosmetics show does exactly that.

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