Lip Balms – a quick tip

lip-balmWith a lot of the Northern Hemisphere gripped in bitingly cold winter weather, I thought I would pass on a tip about lip balms.  The best ingredient in lip balms for chapped lips is lanolin.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the success of the Burts Bees range of lip balms is due to them containing lanolin. 

The trouble is, lanolin has a bad image.   Lots of people think that they are sensitive to lanolin.  This makes marketing folk dubious of highlighting it.  I don’t believe that sensitivity to lanolin is anywhere near as prevalent as is supposed, but whatever the truth most people are not sensitive to lanolin.  It is a shame to miss out on one of the things that is most effective at treating chapped lips.

Lanolin is the waxy material that sheep use to protect their skin from the environment.  It really is good stuff.

Personally I slap the stuff on neat.  This may not be to everyone’s taste, and not everyone has a jar of it in their lab so it probably isn’t too convenient.

But my advice if you are looking at something to help your lips battle the elements, look for a lip balm that contains lanolin.

4 thoughts on “Lip Balms – a quick tip”

  1. Hello, i am new here and i wouldnt use Lanolin because im guessing it comes from animals. Im very concerned how they get the wax from the sheep. I hope its not done in an inhumane way.

  2. Do you think it’s advisable to slather on Nivea Creme on the lips due to its lanolin content? It’s too thick for me face, might as well use them on me parched lips.

  3. Thank you! I discovered your blog while researching cetearyl alcohol and am fascinated with the vast amount of information contained in your site.

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