Lauren Luke – Internet Make Up Phenomenon

I remember beilauren-luke-and-friendng really surprised the first time I got a press pack sent to me by  a PR company as a result of this blog.  You type away on your keyboard in familiar surroundings and it is easy to forget that other people read what you write. When you get professional attention it is both flattering and slightly scary.  I can only imagine the way that Lauren Luke must feel with the amount of attention she is getting at the moment.  This was brought home to me earlier this week when I was contacted by a PR company representing none other than Lauren Luke herself.  (A very good PR operation they were too – taking the trouble to write a personal note showing that they had actually read my blog not just got my details off a list on a database somewhere.)

I did a quick straw poll among family and friends and my Twitter chums- it turns out that not everyone has heard of her yet.  She is a 27 year old from South Shields who has been making a big name for herself posting videos on You Tube sharing her skill at using make up.

These became increasingly popular with the hits running into the millions. She now has the most popular UK based Youtube channel. The channel is called Panacea81 (I don’t know why it is called that).

She has been appointed as a beauty editor on the Guardian and appeared on television and lots of print media including top titles like Vanity Fair.

The videos are basically Lauren showing you how to get the most out of your make up, particularly ones based on celebrity looks like Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse.  She has an appealing Jordie accent and a very matter of fact style of presentation. She doesn’t edit the videos – claiming she doesn’t understand that sort of thing – but the ones I have watched look pretty good. She really does show great skill in applying the make up in a way that lights her face up.  When you consider how many pictures of highly made up faces you see every day on magazine covers it is very impressive to see how well Lauren can achieve effects just as good if not better. I can see why people are interested.

She has now launched her own range of cosmetic products.  The packaging looks good which is a big factor in this kind of product.

I am not generally in favour of celebrity brands, but this isn’t really a celebrity brand.  It is much more a brand that has come about as a result of someone’s passion and enthusiasm.  I hope it does well.

lauren-luke-cosmeticsI don’t have any details on where it is being distributed but I imagine it will be in a store near you soon.

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