I am getting my own personalised toner


Lisa from Lisa Lise Skin Care has been following my posts on toners and has offered to do me a personalised toner.   She started the process by asking me some questions about my skin and preferences in skin care.  I’ve put reply below.  I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

My skin is very slightly dry, but basically normal.  I have never suffered any greasiness and only had a few spots even as a teenager.

I cleanse with soap.  I prefer Aleppo soap, but usually use French soap.  I don’t have any particular brand, but Durance is easy to come by. I don’t mind most soap brands but I dislike ones with a high glycerol content, such as transparent soaps.  They tend to get soggy too easily.  I also dislike the semi-synthetic soaps sold by shops like Lush.  But these aside, a bar of soap is a cheap but perfect pleasure.  You can enjoy it every day and it doesn’t make you fat, increase your risk of cancer or risk long term harm to the planet.  It also transforms the pain of being hot, dirty or sweaty into a joy as your body is returned to its normal equilibrium.

So I like soap.

I use a moisturiser as and when I need it.  I usually use Artful Teasing’s Orange Geranium and Frankincense Face Cream because I like the smell and I like the way it disappears quickly and completely.  It goes a long way and I use it only when my skin becomes dry which is not too often.  Very occasionally I will use a clay masque.  I don’t believe it does anything at all for me because I don’t have too much grease.  But it is an enjoyable thing to do and I am vain enough to enjoy the excuse to stare a bit longer than usual in the mirror.  And although I never see any benefit myself I tell myself that maybe other people will, even if subconsciously.

I suffer from almost no sensitivities or allergies of which I am aware. I do sometimes experience a mild erythema from the organic acids used as buffers and preservatives like the sorbates, benzoates and similar.  I have never found this particularly troubling but I suppose it would be better not to have this reaction than to have it, all else being equal.

I am waiting with interest.

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