Fish Pedicure

I have just decided that there is nothing that anyone can think of that cannot somehow or other be turned into a beauty treatment. I have just heard that a spa in New York is offering fish pedicures. I came across this idea some years ago when it was being proposed in the dermatology field as a cure for psoriasis. For over a hundred years it has been possible to visit a place in Turkey where a particular species of carp has been found that has a taste for dead skin. They will nibble away at the skin on psoriasis plaques, which many patients find beneficial.

It is now being offered as a pedicure. The fish are used in combination with a standard foot pedicure afterwards.

I don’t know how popular it is, but I imagine it isn’t for everybody.

Thanks to Eric Porterfield on Flickr for the rather splendid fish  pedicure picture.

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