First Draft Of The Spa Range

list of spa products

I now need to start thinking about the actual products. I will start with a very rough straight off the top of my head list. I can come back to it to research it, edit it and think about it later.

Lets start with products for the feet.

We’ll want a rough skin remover. We’ll also want and intensive moisturiser for dry skin around the ankles.

Moving on to the legs, I don’t think that a hard line depilatory is really appropriate in a spa. But something that has a depressing effect on hair growth might be an interesting proposition, if something can be found that meets the bill.

The body as a whole calls for a massage oil – in fact a range of massage oils. These are quite simple in principle but form a good opportunity to really dive into what oils are available now.

Likewise, a general body scrub isn’t too difficult in principle but given the number of exfoliating agents out there, the number of interesting options is pretty extensive.

Apart from oils and scrubs there are also clay wraps and fabric wraps. Clay is very much the kind of thing that is too much trouble to do at home so makes an ideal treat for a spa. Fabric is another treatment option that for various reasons people don’t generally have in their bathroom. So looking at ways this option can be used is another interesting area for further investigation.

The face always needs special treatment, so we need to investigate serums, oils, creams and clay masks again. There are also the peel off masques that again are often a bit too fiddly for everyday use.

That is a good start – that list will get me going and will be continually revised over the duration of the project.

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