Decleor Micellar Oil

The irrepressible @just3nita on Twitter drew my attention to a product from Decléor describing itself as a micellar oil.  I have already covered what a micellar water is.  Micelles are simply one kind of arrangement that molecules adopt in solution, one which can sometimes make them quite effective for solubilising oily materials like for example makeup.  But you really do need the water for the physical chemistry to work.  How can you possibly have a micelle in an oil?  I smelt an opportunity to mock a moron from marketing and set off to investigate.

In the event what I found was not particularly mockable.  The Decléor website explained the concept behind their product pretty clearly.  The idea is that this oil is one that contains oils and surface active agents that promote micelle formation when they come into contact with water.   So the idea behind the product is that you apply the oil to dry skin (in the sense of skin that isn’t actually wet – not necessarily skin with a low moisture content).  You can then apply water to wash it off, and in the process micelles will be formed that carry any oily impurities such as traces of yesterday’s mascara.

So basically the story is that this is an oil based cleanser, which again I have covered before.  They have just gone into a bit more detail about the precise way it works.

I’d like to think that this use of actual science was something that would make the product more interesting to users.  I know from the fact that this blog gets a reasonably high level of traffic that a lot of people out there do find this stuff interesting enough to research it.  My post on micellar water gets a 1,000 page views every month, so some people are on the case.  But I am realistic enough to realise that the bulk of users simply don’t care how it works and just want to know whether or not it does.

I haven’t tried this product, and don’t really have the need of it anyway so a hands on review wouldn’t tell you very  much.  The concept behind it is certainly a sound one. But at the end of the day it is simply an oil based cleanser so that is what it needs to be compared with.  I haven’t found the ingredient list online yet.   If  I see it anywhere I’ll add some notes about how they work, and if anyone has tried it I’d love to know how you found it. 

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