Cosmetics Reviews By Fawesome TV

Cosmetic Reviews By Fawesome TV

I noticed that my TV box  had a channel called Cosmetics Reviews on it.  So I thought I  would have a look.  I had to give them my e-mail address so I guess I will be shortly in line to receive fantastic offers in my inbox, but it was easy to sign up and didn’t cost anything.  When I got there I discovered it was basically what it said on the label.  It was a compendium of beauty reviews.   The reviews are much like the kind of reviews you can get simply by searching Youtube.  

The production values were perhaps a bit higher than the average beauty vlog.  The presenters all looked very well turned out and well lit.  The presentational style was very informal – unscripted and energetic with most of the glitches left in.

In fact, when I checked the videos I had watched were available on Youtube too.  I don’t know if they were made for Cosmetics Reviews and also uploaded to Youtube or if they were selected from Youtube for inclusion.  I am guessing the latter because they all seem to be made in different places.  It’s an interesting example of how good content can get you to places you didn’t even know existed.

So basically, Cosmetics Reviews offers a curated set of similar videos.  I am  not sure it would appeal to the dedicated fan of beauty vlogs.  I can’t imagine myself troubling to tune in again in preference to just searching Youtube itself for what I am looking for.  But we are all different, and if you want to keep up with the latest beauty releases and are happy to let someone else serve them up for you then this channel might be worth investigating.  There is something to be said for getting away from your keyboard and watching the television.   And there are people who even now don’t have a computer.  They can now enjoy at least some beauty videos.


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