China Has Banned Animal Testing For Internally Produced Cosmetics

China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing
China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

Hot on the heals of the relaxing of the requirement for animal testing on products imported into China, the Chinese government has now also banned animal testing on products produced in the country itself.

I am a bit surprised at the speed of this turnaround, and it certainly puts the EU to shame for getting things done quickly.  So it appears that in just a few months China has gone from the international bad boy of animal testing to one that has a policy that in some ways is more pro-animal than the EU’s one.  That is quite a turnaround.

Being a lab guy I have to wonder what is going to happen to the animals that are now no longer needed.   Animal testing is not a spur of the moment activity – special breeds are used and they are bred for particular bits of work in advance.  They can’t simply be repurposed as pets.  Presumably they will end up being destroyed.

But leaving that thought aside, this sounds like good news both from the point of view of reducing the suffering of animals and the wasting of loads of time carrying out testing of limited value at best.

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