Blogging Makes You Healthy

 blogging makes you healthy

I know a lot of people who read my blog are themselves bloggers. If you are, well now is the time to enjoy a brief moment of smugness. As most of us know blogging is not a lucrative thing to do. The monetary rewards barely cover the costs of the coffee to keep you awake late at night looking for spelling errors in your latest opus. So it is quite nice to discover that writing regularly does have some health benefits.

I came across this article while I was researching something else for a blog post but it was too interesting to ignore it. People who write regularly have better immune systems and go to the doctor less often.

So taking the time to write regularly might not be the route to riches, but it could well contribute to a healthy life. And given the choice, I think most of us would pick health over wealth most days of the week. So thanks to all my readers for encouraging me to keep these posts coming. And if you don’t have a blog yourself yet, maybe now is the time to start.  You could begin by leaving a comment….

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