The Beauty Brains Podcast

Beauty Brains Podcast

I was a bit slow off the mark with this one.  When the Beauty Brains started their podcast I tried to find it on iTunes but couldn’t locate it.  So I gave up.  I should have persevered because I needed to search not for ‘BeautyBrains’ but ‘TheBeautyBrains’.  So when the penny finally dropped I was already several months out of date.  As they get an episode out every week, I had quite a backlog to catch up on.  I still haven’t quite got to the current one, but I am not far off now.  

This has actually made it a bit more interesting because I have been more aware than a regular listener might of how it has developed.  The two hosts are Perry and Randy.  They discuss beauty news, play a game where Perry has to guess which of three beauty news stories is true and which ones he has made up, and they answer questions that listeners send in.

As the show has progressed the two presenters have settled into their roles.  In the first few shows the discussions sometimes sounded a bit contrived, but now it sounds much like a normal conversation.  Randy keeps the show on track while Perry chips in with observations and comments that are a bit more off the wall.  And of course there is always plenty of beauty science.   They have got a few running jokes – like whether or not they should sign off with the catchphrase ‘be brainy about your beauty’.   But this aside, each episode is self contained and you can listen to them in any order.

They don’t seem to have any particular agenda, but the topics they cover are building up into a handy back catalogue of topics that might be of interest to anyone who keenly follows the world of beauty and the science behind it.

Each episode is about 2o minutes long so the perfect length to keep you both entertained and educated on a drive to work.

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