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We all know a handsome face when we see one. But what features go to make a male face attractive? I am indebted here to a rather amazing website BeautyCheck from the University of Regensburg in Germany.

They have been using a computer morphing programme to look at what people find attractive. Here are a couple of morphs. These were produced by continually blending original photographs that were judged either attractive or unattractive.

I have tried these out by asking a range of women their opinions of them. The consensus agreed with Regensbug about which one was more attractive. But interestingly there were some objections. They said that he looked arrogant. They also said that he lacked personality. I put this one down to female intuition. He obviously does lack personality in a very literal sense as he is simply a computer image. Ugly guy was described as looking friendly.

I found this very interesting. Presumably good looking guys can get away with being arrogant. But if you aren’t a natural babe magnet you probably have to work harder at your charm if you want to get some attention?Guide To Cosmetic Ingredients For The Perplexed Cover
With teutonic efficiency the Germans have listed the actual attributes that they have identified. So what kind of male face do women find attractive? There is a preference for darker skin, a narrower facial shape, not a plump one. The lips should be full and symmetrical. The upper half of the face should be broader, the cheek bones higher and the lower jaw more prominent. These are all indicators of higher levels of testosterone.

Dark skin

Narrow facial shape

Little fat

Full and symmetrical lips

Dark eye brows and lashes

Upper half of the face broader

High cheek bones

Prominent lower jaw and chin

So now I will be looking at these to see if I can come up with some recommendations for how you can make your face more attractive to women based on these findings.



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  2. YAY I got ALL the “handsome attributes” they list here! (and people have always told me I look really good so it must be true):D

    If I only was more social… 🙁

  3. Haha this whole thing is so ridiculous but I guess worth studying. What really boggles my mind is the whole scrawny fashion model thing. It’s even been proven that guys prefer women who have meat on their bones…whether that means plump or just average or even muscular, I don’t know… but they aren’t really attractive to really really thin women so why do people constantly advertise using thin women and fashion designers continually use such for runway shows? These girls are starving themselves, and dying, all for the “look” of being a waif. Meh. To me that irks me more than the whole ugly guy thing but whatever. I agree with the remarks the dude on the right looks more arrogant, haha.

  4. hello i have a face problem like in my face a little dark spots in my nose & near of the nose chicks i had been got many creams & medic ion,but those r not permanently gone my fce looks like ruff & dry even its look like a old ,when i m in the sun,s light it,s gone a dark
    please if you have a suggestion for me send me ..

  5. I think I’m truely ugly because my entire face is not symmetrical. My left side is more defined than the right, my nose is crooked, my left eye brow is slightly higher, & my right front tooth makes my upper lip slanted. (Deep sigh) Oh, & my lefy side of my jaw is more attractive than my right! Guys & girls tell me I’m sexy, but I think they are just being nice. I can see what they are talking about, but I know my flaws & can’t personally accept their compliments, though I thank them. I hope I win the lottery so I can fix my face.

  6. skin tone never mattered to me, but this was an interesting article to read. i’ve always wondered what makes one person more attractive than another, and these characterestics all ended up sounding right. it’s so weird how the two faces look almost the same, yet most women would easily pick out which one was more handsome. but the guy on the left isn’t even ugly…

    and also, how can one face look more “kind” or “arrogant” than another. that’s just bull

  7. lol its so much fun to read comments rather than article itself 🙂

    I had all these features and i got comments all the time. I think one which is not listed is thin face. I found girls more attracted towards me when my face got thinner(especially cheeks) by workout and stuff.

    @Rahul – dude, be happy with your color. Facial features and confidence makes you attractive, color not plays much role. Lot of girls like dark guys too, everyone has diff preference. Just eat fresh veggies and fruits and cut a bit on masturbation, it will glow your face.

  8. Charisma is the most attractive feature in a man. I also think being confident / being comfortable with who you are makes ANYBODY appear more attractive, not matter what they look like. I can’t stand pretentious little brats who look like the teens in the modern media.

  9. Guillermo Loza

    Hello Prakash:

    I hope I’m still on time to make you a suggestion about your face problem. I am light dark color skin, I’m form Mexico and as you know we have many sunny days down here. I have presented since many years some dark spots on my face, on the chicks zone, tehy get darker and darker as time passes by. I do not know if this may be your case, you should go first to a good doctor. What I found to help me is the use of a medicine (it’s a lotion) named Trio D by Noreva Laboratories, it is a french firm that produces specialized on skin medicines. They have many medicines depending on the problem you have. This lotion must be applied only at night, and you must not be exposed to the sun. You’ll see good results on the first 15 days, but if you really want get them fully gone, you may need use it avery day for a year or so. It worths it. I had this spots and made my skin look dry and old.
    You also need to consider that every case and skin is different and what has been a solution for me not necessarily will work for you.
    Two big tips: 1-Get a good dermatologist and 2-Get away from sun. Good luck!

  10. cute,handsome and sexy guys are very confident koz datz wat galz lyk…but are naturally attracted to guys who are handsome naturally and if u aint den u aint no hard feelings

  11. I am confident, sociable, and I actually have all of the above listed feautures down to a T, but I still don’t get complements that often. If I do, then it’s on individual features (like my long lashes, or arched brows, my british-like accent, and my cool first name), but not how handsome I am. Maybe people are still not comfortable finding attractiveness outside of their race (I’m one of the few African people in my Caucasian community in southwest Virginia. Most of them are bred on the country Southern lifestyle).
    Dark skin (I’m from Africa, but not too burnt. My skin tone is just about right)
    Narrow facial shape (I have this)
    Little fat (I eat like crazy but still underweight. 6 foot 5, 18 years old, 151 pounds, track athlete…ohh I guess the last part explains why I’m not fat).
    Full and symmetrical lips (Naturally, as an African, I have full lips)
    Dark eye brows and lashes (yes, I have these. You can see my eyebrows well, but my lashes blend in with the colour of my skin. You can only tell their long if they cast a shadow on my face or if you come close).
    Upper half of the face broader (Totally).
    High cheek bones (Get compliments about it).
    Prominent lower jaw and chin (Get compliments about it as well)

  12. Adding to what I said, I even have pinkish-redish lips (rarity amongst Africans), double eyelids that girls go crazy for (subtle enough to make still look masculine). Also my eyes are brown and you can see the flares plus they have a stained glass window effect whenever the sun comes near or hits them (jeez I hope I’m not a Twilight vampire). These all have a good balance with my masculine look, yet I never get compliments on my whole face. Idk maybe it’s all too overwhelming for people to fully take in lol.
    I rest my case.

  13. david lincoln brooks

    Interesting that, in my 20’s and 30’s, I looked very much like the guy in the above “handsome face”. Now, at 50, I look very much like the guy in the “ugly face” photo.

  14. I’m not so sure bout the whole thing,I think there is such thing as being described as attractive,there are many ways to tell.like many girls like manly features, some girls like preety boys face,which I think is bit to much,like what they are basically saying in this article is that model type lad is an attractive one.

  15. it is really sad that THIS much time and effort go into looks. I’m not gorgeous, and I ‘m not ugly. I’ve found that the more gorgeous the woman I go out with, the more bitchy and egocentric she is. I would rather have someone who is just “cute”, but has my back instead of one who is supermodel hot, but I know will stab me in the back.
    Plus, I workout a LOT, so I am more into a woman’s body than her face. I think I speak for millions of guys when I say I would rather have an average face with a bangin body, instead of a gorgeous face, and a horrible body(i.e. NO boobs)

  16. I am actually worried for the future of the human race after reading the posts on here. Seriously, its not all about having a pretty face or NO Boobs as todd victorson so eliquantly puts it. Its about the people your soul connects with, thats all that maters, looks will fade, the most you can do is be teh best possible version of yourself, inside not out.

  17. As God is my witness, I have/had comments on my “attractiveness” all of my adult life,to the point of it being mentioned “behind my back”.

    And I share this with total honest, as I’ve said.
    I don’t really understand why…

    I am German-English, 5″10, with fair skin and
    and, at one time, average weight.

  18. The computer generated “handsome face” would not even be noticed if he went nightclubbing on the town. He would have to have lots of $$$ or incredible pickup lines. He wouldn’t be able to get tons of women on his looks alone.

    Comparing him to Don Johnson in his prime, he looks ugly by comparison.

  19. I so much appreciate this article,am glad to say that so far ive understood the reason why my ex-girlfriend wdnt get back to me even when she asked me to get back with her over the phone, i have grown plumb in the face…. damn i shdve known it

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