A Candlelit Dinner


Two Attractive Women

Which of the photos above do you find the most attractive?










Most people chose the picture on the right.

The only difference between the two pictures are that the pupils on the right hand picture are more enlarged. A couple of people who have looked at the pictures have commented that there must be more differences than that. I promise that this isn’t the case. The picture on the left is the original. I modified the one on the right simply my making the woman’s pupils larger.

What is going on here? It is a fact that when we find someone attractive our pupils dilate, and people can pick up on this and in turn find a face with dilated pupils more appealling.

This has been known for a long time. In Renaissance Italy women would use an extract of Deadly Nightshade, the Bellandonna plant, to artificially dilate their pupils. Belladonna means lovely lady in Italian. The effect comes from atropine, a very toxic molecule.

You will look better in low light conditions because your pupils will dilate naturally.  So now we know why a candle-lit dinner are associated with love and romance. This simple observation can be useful when you are dating.

Tip – On a date, do go for a candlelit dinner that make your iris expand. But don’t get carried away and look too closely at the candle’s flame. And try to sit with your back to any light sources.


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