Sea The Love – An Interesting Back Story

A new product is washed up on the seashore

I got a press release in my email this morning. That’s not particularly unusual, but this one called my eye because it came from a university rather than a one of the agencies that normally sends out this kind of thing.

This brand was started by a student as a sixth form project, which seems to have grown in scale as it went along. The founder had some skin problems which she discovered could be helped by seawater. She has now turned that into a range of products.

I don’t know how good these products are. They might be great, or there might be rubbish. What interested me was that somebody with no knowledge of the beauty business could come up with what looks like a very professional offering quite quickly and with I imagine relatively little money behind them. This is something that definitely could not have been done 20 years ago.

With AI coming along Even more of the time and money sinks associated with product development could be reduced., It might well be that launching a skin care brand could become something that you could do as a weekend hobby. If so, the competition will become more than ever about who has the best ideas. Universities of course Are the kind of places you expect to come up with good ideas. If it is now easier to turn those ideas into saleable products, maybe we’ll be seeing more of them in the future?

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