UK Responsible Person Cover

This cover is for the United Kingdom – Scotland, England and Wales.

How it works –

We set up a contract between ourselves and you.  Once this is signed, you can apply our EU address to your product.  We are now your responsible person for complying with EU cosmetic regulations.

We need to make sure you are compliant with EU regulations, so we will need to audit your PIF files to ensure compliance.  We’ll do this as regularly as we think it needs doing.  If we identify things that need putting right, we’ll let you know.  We may well be able to help with compliance, which will attract our normal charges for whatever kind of work it might be.

We will become your point of contact for issues arising from products on sale in the UK market.  These are going to be mainly customer responses – people from time to time like to let you know what they think of the product, or have questions about it.

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