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Skin Lightening Products

I don’t often say this, but I am indebted to inveterate scaremonger Stacey Malkin for drawing my attention to a dangerous ingredient in some cosmetic products.  Stacey Malkin is the author of a very misleading book warning people about imaginary risks she claims you run using everyday personal care products.  She also has a blog

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Mad Scientists

Working in a lab you often get people describing you as a mad scientist.  It’s hilarious every time and never ceases to be funny.  But just too make sure that nobody thinks that scientists are really mad I have prepared a diagram that explains the true situation. Basically there are a lot of people some

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Langerhans Cells

Langerhans Cells (from Wikipedia)   Microscopes began to be used around 1600 but it wasn’t until 1868 that a medical student called Paul Langerhans noticed some small black smudges in the skin.  And it took over a hundred years before it began to be realised that what are now called Langerhans Cells are among the

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