Health is closely related to beauty – if you look healthy you generally look good as well as feeling good.

Grey Hair Gene

Grey hair is something we can all look forward to.  That the genes have something to do with it is pretty clear.  Some people go grey in their twenties – a few put it off until their fifties or even later.  And it is very rare that someone goes grey and then turns back again.

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Antibiotic Free Rosacea Treatments – Dermalex

A question from Lucy Exciting to find your site… thank you for interesting articles. Do you know anything about Dermalex Rosacea Cream? It sounds tempting in so far as being antibiotic free and reducing redness but the scary-sounding ingredients are unfamiliar. Is it genuinely safe?I’d be grateful for your opinion

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Caffeine Overdose

A striking news story today about an accidental overdose of caffeine at a UK university.  The students were given 30g of caffeine instead of 0.3g – a very significant error.  Apparently they did the calculations on a mobile phone and got the decimal point in the wrong place.  This is a remarkably easy mistake to

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