April 2016

Looking Back

I don’t have my lab books to work from, but I have kept a lot of notes over the years. In particular I have a set of hard backed notebooks, photo above, which I have used for various jottings and note taking. I have been dipping into them while working up my spa range ideas.

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Mission Creep

It started when I noticed that I hadn’t backed up my blog for over a month. I don’t think you should trust to automatic backups on blogs. You should back them up whenever you post something that you really don’t want to lose. I used to back up every few days. I have had some

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Placental Protein – Should You Seek Out Products Containing It?

My long term Twitter pal@just3nita asked me about placental protein.  It seems to me that there is always somebody somewhere in the world putting something stupid into a cosmetic product.  But in fact placental protein isn’t a particularly new idea.  It has been around long enough for their to be an official EU monograph for it

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