April 2014

Gluten Free

I have noticed a lot of references to gluten free products while looking around online lately. Gluten has long been one of the components of the diet that has given some people problems, though luckily for most of us it has no particular health issues. But it occurred to me that I didn’t know what …

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Do Anti-Ageing Creams Cause Autism?

Another day, another scare story. This one suggests that ingredients in anti-ageing creams can affect the development of unborn children causing autism. Well, nothing is totally impossible.  But this one seems a bit more far fetched than most. The research has found that brain development can be affected by high levels of lipids.  This doesn’t …

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The Story of Cosmetics Part 1 -Neanderthals (Sponsored by Artful Teasing)

Let’s start at the beginning since as the song says, it is a very good place to start. And when I say the beginning I really do mean the beginning.  Archeological finds  have indicated that we have been using makeup for a very long time.  In fact we may well have been using makeup for …

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MI in Paint

One of the most surprising things about blogging is how much you learn.  A good example arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I have just started a newsletter for people with sensitive skin, largely because I get a lot of people getting in touch looking for information about it, and in particular sensitivity to methylisothiazolinone or …

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