February 2014

Egyptian Skincare

Sometime ago I had a question about whether French skincare was any good from a half Egyptian woman living in Canada called Yasmine.  She described herself as a  “freelance makeup artist, beauty junkie and organic modernist bohemian.”   She sounded like an interesting person so when I replied saying that yes French skincare is generally very …

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Bee Venom

  I was at the Natural Products Show three years ago when I first heard about putting bee venom into cosmetics.  There is a steady stream of things like this.  Somebody has an idea and takes a stand at a trade fair in the hope of interesting some companies to give them a try.  Most …

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A lot of scientists are keen to point out that ‘safe’ and ‘natural’ don’t always go together.  It is equally true that ‘synthetic’ and ‘toxic’ aren’t the same thing either.  Another less obvious pairing is that something can be both natural and synthetic at the same time.

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