December 2013

Dove Soap

Dove have been running a rather stupid advert showing the difference between Dove and ordinary soap.  They put some coloured paper in the shape of a woman on bars of soap and left them on the soap bar.  Ordinary soap destroys the paper whereas Dove doesn’t. So bloody what!

Are Soaps Containing Triclosan Effective?

One of the Chemists’ Corner team made a very good point on Twitter.  If antibacterial soaps, most of which contain triclosan, are effective then industry shouldn’t have any trouble demonstrating the fact.  The context to this is a recent request from the FDA for data supporting the efficacy of antibacterial soaps.

Sensitive Skin

An interesting question from Patricia that I think might interest some other people. I have sensitive skin and always look for cosmetic products which are free of harsh chemicals. I was not aware of the m1 preservative until today when a report was made on the breakfast show and will in future try to find …

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Veet for Men – Always Follow The Instructions

  Spitting coffee over the keyboard because you find something so funny online is usually a metaphor.  But this was so funny I was almost did it literally.  A series of hilarious reviews by men who claim to have used this product inappropriately are doing the rounds on Twitter.  (Link at bottom of post)

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