June 2011

Diamonds and Lipgloss

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a good lip gloss isn’t bad either.  In fact, lip glosses and diamonds have something in common. They both reflect the light in that uniquely female pleasing way for the same reason.  Both possess a high refractive index.  Diamond in fact has one of the highest known refractive

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The tropical uplands of Somalia and the Yemen are a hard and unforgiving environment.  To survive there the Frankincense tree has had to develop some nifty abilities.  One of these is a thick resin that exudes from damaged parts of its trunk and branches. The sticky substance rapidly provides a defence against the teeth of

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Snail Slime

Some things just don’t sound right any way you dress them up.  One idea that pops up every couple of years and usually fades away pretty quickly is the idea of using snail slime as an active ingredient in skin care.  It is certainly one that sticks in the mind. There is a reasonable case

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