Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers are a popular product line at all times, given that people are constantly exposed to potential contamination. But naturally there is a lot of interest in them when there is a big public health issue in the news. I am writing this on the 3rd of March 2020 where the UK Prime Minister has just been on television in the morning talking about the Corona Virus and specifically mentioning hand sanitisers. By this afternoon the price of the main alcohols used in hand sanitisers has tripled. Polymers often used in them also seem to be in short supply. Needless to say shops that haven’t already sold out are not likely to have stock for much longer. The shop above which my office is located sold its last one half an hour ago.

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  1. Sanitisers are sold out everywhere,
    I would like to make my own but I have sensitive skin, I suppose leaving out the alcohol would not be sanitising enough, I have been told witch hazel is ok.

    Can you advise please


    1. Hi Junie, you are in a cleft stick if you have sensitive skin. Alcohol can make the skin drier reducing its barrier function so you are slightly more at risk of infection via that route. Though soap and water can do the same. I don’t think witch hazel is enough on its own. I suggest you find an alcohol free wash such as Dermol Wash or similar.

      1. Hi
        Thanks for your reply, I was looking for something to carry around with me, when out and about.

        Thanks again for your reply


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