Hand Saniters

This is I think the first time a personal care product has been the subject of panic buying across the whole globe simultaneously. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I suspect that even with the huge demand there is the capacity to produce enough product to keep up with it. There may be logistical problems in the short run but I don’t think that the pharmacy shelves will be empty for long.

But in the short run I think we are going to need some creative solutions to the problems it will throw up. I think we might see some unusual packs being pressed into service as the customary ones for this product category get used up. We might well see shortages of the polymers that give a good performance in high alcohol formulations too. So expect to see some products that look a bit hazy and maybe don’t have perfect rheological characteristics. This won’t stop them working, they’ll just look a bit naff.

In the slightly longer term if the problem turns out to be prolonged a lot of people will be using hand sanitisers a lot. This might not be great for their skin so I imagine the search will be on for milder ways of delivering the same punch. There is likely to be a lot more innovation in this sector than there has been for quite some time.

So hopefully the problems posed will generate some good solutions.

If you are interested in contributing to the offerings that will be coming out to solve the problems this situation raises – get in touch with our team.

3 thoughts on “Hand Saniters”

  1. Sanitisers are sold out everywhere,
    I would like to make my own but I have sensitive skin, I suppose leaving out the alcohol would not be sanitising enough, I have been told witch hazel is ok.

    Can you advise please


    1. Hi Junie, you are in a cleft stick if you have sensitive skin. Alcohol can make the skin drier reducing its barrier function so you are slightly more at risk of infection via that route. Though soap and water can do the same. I don’t think witch hazel is enough on its own. I suggest you find an alcohol free wash such as Dermol Wash or similar.

      1. Hi
        Thanks for your reply, I was looking for something to carry around with me, when out and about.

        Thanks again for your reply


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