Charlotte Tilbury Get Their Collar Felt

It isn’t easy to keep track of your influencers if you are a big brand like Charlotte Tilbury

Paying influencers to promote your stuff on Instagram, Youtube and other social media is advertising. You have to identify it as such and follow the guidance of the ASA. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty are no doubt well aware of this, but even so have got caught not doing it by the book.

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Can You Use Testimonials As Evidence of Efficacy?

Can you use a testimonial to justify a skin hydration claim for a collagen health supplement?

Do you need to prove your supplement hydrates the skin?

Proper trials to prove your claims cost a lot of money. And there’s no guarantee a trial is going to give you the results you want. So the obvious question is can you get away with just launching the product and using the feedback you get from your customers as evidence of your claims?

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How To Handle A Scare Story

How to prepare for when your makeup product falls foul of scaremongers.

This week there has been a scare story about PFAs in makeup. (PFA is a recent acronym for perfluorocarbons.) Its origin is persistent mischief mongers the EWG who keep up a continual stream of misinformation about all manner of consumer products including cosmetics, most of which are easily linked to their fund raising activities. In this case the story was that there are dangerous components in colour cosmetics and many cosmetic companies don’t even know they are there. The monetisation comes from the EWG’s accreditation standard – where companies pay them for approval.

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Itchy Vaginas – A Sensitive Subject

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