Can You Use Testimonials As Evidence of Efficacy?

Can you use a testimonial to justify a skin hydration claim for a collagen health supplement?

Do you need to prove your supplement hydrates the skin?

Proper trials to prove your claims cost a lot of money. And there’s no guarantee a trial is going to give you the results you want. So the obvious question is can you get away with just launching the product and using the feedback you get from your customers as evidence of your claims?

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Penetrometry- An Underrated Technique

Penetrometry isn’t widely used or even known about by cosmetic formulators. But it has its uses.

A penetrometry by Ele

There’s a trick journalists use to get you to read their stuff. They set up a false but interesting premise. ‘The Beatles’ songs are underrated’ for example. In fact nobody underrates the Fab Four’s music, but the article can now be framed as an argument rather than an account. This gives it a bit of energy it wouldn’t otherwise have had. So I had better confess now, penetrometry isn’t so much underrated as hardly heard of. You can’t assume it is something a cosmetic formulator will know about.

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