I started Colin’s Cosmetic Consultancy after working in the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical world for nearly thirty years as a formulator and lab manager.

I now operate with my team from a lab in West Sussex. We can help with –

Formulation development across a wide range of product formats: creams, balms, shampoos, soap, topical pharmaceuticals and just about everything else.  The formulation will contain all the information you need to get the product made – raw material suppliers, manufacturing method, finished product specification and if you need it stability, compatability and micro data.

Regulatory support including PIF file compilation, claims, pack copy checks, safety assessments and answering the kinds of questions retailers and distributors often ask.

Stab Lab. We run an in-house stability programme to assess whether products are suitable for launch.

Small scale manufacture and filling.  We can make short runs for trials and demonstration purposes.  We also have good relationships with contract manufacturers to help with scale up.