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Lipstick That Starts Off Green Then Turns Red

ipstick that starts off green and turns red

What will they think of next? Well what they have just thought of is a lipstick that is green in the pack, but miraculously turns red when you apply it to your lips.  The marketing puff compares it to an enchanted from that starts off green but which turns into a handsome prince when you kiss it.

Well technically this is quite impressive.  Looking at the ingredient list there isn’t anything obvious that tells me how they do it.  There is a hint that it is something to do with pH.  Of course, chemicals changing colour when the pH changes isn’t anything new.  You might well remember litmus solution from when you were at school.  It isn’t quite as simple as that when it comes to a lipstick though.  They are oil based so the concept of pH doesn’t really work.

I have two thoughts on this product.  The first is that I’d be interested to know how well it works as a lipstick.  Formulating lipstick is not easy.   Making your life even harder by including some clever colour changing technology might make it difficult to get the best possible lipstick functionally speaking.

Secondly, why?  A lipstick is basically a tool that makes your lips the colour you want them.  You can’t tell exactly from looking at a lipstick just how it is going to look when you apply it, but its colour is at least a clue.  Why would you want to deprive yourself of this?   The benefit of having  the stick a different colour to what you get would seem to be non-existent.  Nobody is sizing you up thinking, wow her lips look stunning and the lipstick was a different colour before she applied it!

But I suppose n the crowded cosmetic market absolutely anything that makes you stand out is probably a good thing, even if it is a totally pointless thing.


Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick



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