The Truth about Parabens – Colin’s Beauty Pages Podcast 6

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Truth about parabens Colins Beauty Pages Podcast 6

Well it has been a long wait for the next podcast, and indeed for any posting at all on my blog. Like most bloggers, blogging is not only not my full time job it isn’t even a source of income. Exactly the opposite. So I wouldn’t have to apologise if I had simply been doing other things. But that isn’t the reason this podcast has taken so long to appear. I think it has been just about the hardest thing I have ever written. About a year ago Kirsty at was kind enough to invite me to do a guest post on her highly admirable blog. I agreed and decided to do a quick review of the paraben controversy, basically reassuring everyone that they were perfectly safe and there was nothing to worry about.

I was expecting the whole thing to take me about three hours at the most.

But when I looked into it the whole thing turned out to be a lot more complex than I had thought.   I ended up not with a snappy blog post but a huge essay.  I hope you can find the patience to make ti all the way to the end, but I appreciate that at over thirty minutes it is quite an investment in time.

If you can’t manage the whole thing, I have done a shorter version which will be appearing  on  shortly.   I am also going to put the whole transcript up in a series of blog posts in hopefully manageable bit sized chunks.

I’m a scientist not a writer.  I can knock out short blog posts without too much effort, but a long sustained argument is not easy for me.  I have tried to make it as easy to understand as possible and I hope you can read or listen to the whole thing without my shortcomings as a communicator distracting you too much.  Its a story that I think tells us a lot about the kind of world modern science, technology and industry has created.   And if nothing else, I have learnt a lot from the telling of it.  I remain a believer in progress and reason, but I was shaken to find just how little evidence I could find to justify the safety of a very widely used family of compounds.

Feedback is always welcome, but even more so on this issue.

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