The Truth About Exercise Experiment: Quick Update

I have been doing my experiment with the Truth About Exercise programme for a week now.  I was planning to do 5 high intensity bursts, but I forgot on Thursday.  This isn’t a huge failing because only three are required by the official plan, so I am still not far off the recommendation.

Using a treadmill rather than an exercise bike is probably making it harder, but I am managing okay.  A minute of high intensity exercise doesn’t sound a lot, but it still takes some doing even in three 20 second bursts.  I am only resting 20 seconds between bursts, so the whole thing takes about 3 minutes including fiddling with the timer on the treadmill.  It takes about 5 minutes to get my breath back afterwards, so it is about 10 minutes of disruption to my day.

So am I noticing any effects?  I’d say my energy levels have been a bit higher than usual. This might be as much to do with the advance of Spring and that we are getting a bit more sunlight than a few weeks back, but I think the exercise programme might be contributing to it.  I have been getting to bed earlier which is a good thing.  Mrs Beautyscientist commented that I looked a bit better toned, which was nice.  (I should point out that this doesn’t mean I have taken on the appearance of a well chiselled athlete.  I am still carrying a substantial adipose deposit around my waist large enough to cause gyroscopic effects if I change direction quickly.  If you want a mental image, a mobile lava lamp is probably closer to the truth.)  I have been keeping an eye on my weight but not what I eat, and my body mass has not changed.

Overall I am enjoying it.   It is not a huge investment of time and it is already seeming to give some benefits.  Lets see what the next three weeks bring.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Exercise Experiment: Quick Update

  1. Lise

    This is exciting Colin. Of course we are all interested in seeing a photo-documentation as well— perhaps Mrs Beautyscientist would agree to be photographer? 🙂

  2. Lee

    Hey Colin, just do it routinely for you to commit what you desire on exercising. Anyway, it’s good for the health.

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