The EU and Cosmetics

Well I didn’t see that coming.  The decision that the UK has made to leave the European Union was one that never crossed my mind as one that was even a possibility.  I have been working with the EU cosmetic regulations from shortly after they first came into force.  I simply can’t imagine what life would have been like without them.  On top of that, the cosmetic industry is a very international one and I have worked with many colleagues from other European countries over the years.  These haven’t been in any way a sideshow – they have been central to the work that I do.

So what does Brexit mean to all this?  I really hope it will make minimal difference.  The EU cosmetic regulations continue to be in force.  I don’t suppose the bigwigs in the Commons have given them the slightest thought yet, but it is hard to imagine that they have any changes in mind.

We need to buy and sell stuff to the EU.  The fall in the value of the pound is going to disrupt this.  I have always thought we should be more active in keeping the price of the pound more stable relative to the Euro.  I hope we take this a bit more seriously in the future.  Ideally we should be shadowing the value of the Euro.

The informal networks between the UK and the EU obviously aren’t going to disappear overnight, but I think there is a real risk that they might start to weaken.  I’ll make sure I do what I can to keep them alive.  Hopefully we can get back in again as soon as possible.

I don’t think it will have much effect on the cosmetics you buy, though the fall of the value of the pound means they’ll probably be costing a bit more.  Today would be a good day to stock up on your favourites.

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