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Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Plus Product Review


One of the most popular products in the lotion category for many years has been Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  The name has long been a source of amusement for cosmetic scientists.  It really should have been called a Boringly Unoriginal Much Like All The Rest Moisturizing Lotion.  It’s formulation was basically the most obvious thing any formulator would come up with when asked for a lotion. But that didn’t stop it becoming one of the most popular products on the shelf.

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Salix Alba Maximus for Men


There are quite a few ways to give your skincare product some personality.   You can have a unique active.  You can have a particular geographical location.  You can be endorsed by  a celebrity.  Salix Alba ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to this.  It boasts a natural source of salicin.  It comes from the UK’s Lake District.  And it is endorsed by somebody from a well known Australian soap opera.  Don’t ask me who – I hardly watch any television.  But this is a beauty science blog and so I am going to ignore all of the above and just look at the product itself. Continue reading

Colin Solves Your Problems 27 – Heavy Duty Hand Cream Recommendation


A tough question from Andy.

“I need a really good recommendation for a hand cream colin, i have tried so many yet always end up disappointed with it being gloopy, tacky and sticky on skin, with me being a hairdresser hands hurt and are sore at night, the only hand cream that i like is ardens 8hr hand. Yet its so expensive i need an alternative. Plz help?”

Well hairdressers hands get a lot of punishment from water and the detergents in the products they use for hours on end day after day.  They certainly need protection from a heavy duty hand cream. Continue reading

Colin Solves Your Problems 25 – Dry Cracked Skin

Dry Cracked Skin

Hot dry conditions don’t only crack soil.

A plaintive e-mail from Talia.

Do you have any advice on what can be done for healing peeling skin on the face more quickly? I live in a very dry climate and lately my mouth and cheeks have been cracking and peeling from the dryness. (I might add that I’m also on some very drying prescription acne meds that probably are worsening things — though what happens to my face if I stop using those is no better.) I stay pretty hydrated beveragewise and don’t think there’s much more liquid I can force down… is there something that fixes this? (Like, some anti-cracking cream or a behavior/home remedy that eases the cracks?) Some understanding of the science of cracked skin that can be put to use? Anything?

Dry cracked skin is a tough problem Talia, and a fairly common one sadly.  The science of cracked skin is not too difficult.  Normal healthy skin is a good barrier to water loss.  Some water is lost, but it is quickly made up for by water coming from inside your body. Continue reading

Can a Moisturiser thin your Skin?

moisturiser thin your skin

N.B., The references to Aqueous Cream BP in this post are specific to the UK and those Commonwealth countries that use the BP.  But I hope you will still find it interesting if you live elsewhere.

Many years ago I read a paper that changed my attitude to skin creams.  It looked at the effect of cream base on peoples skin over time.  It found that although the cream was moisturising in the short term, over the long term it reduced the skin’s barrier properties.  So can a moisturiser thin your skin?
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Boots Protect and Perfect Serum – Clinical Trial published

I reviewed the famous Boots No 7 Serum back in 2007 when it was in the news last time. It is getting widespread media coverage again now that positive results of a proper a trial published in the British Journal of Dermatology – a highly respectable scientific journal. You can read the full publication here. (Thanks to my Twitterchum BordadoIngles for the link).

The paper is extremely well written with a very good introduction that summarises the current state of knowledge of anti-ageing ingredients used in skin creams. pointing out that the only really well substantiated one is retinol. Reading the paper was also the first time I have read that the name of the product has been changed to No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum. It looks like the marketing wonks have been busy as well.

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Men who moisturise update

I was idly looking through product websites and came across the Elemis one. For people who don’t know the brand, this is a mid-market spa range promoted principally in spas. (Their marketing people will be shaking their fists and saying they are up-market I expect.) Quite nice products on the whole. Anyway they have a mens range, which they may have done for a while but I have only just noticed.

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Should you exfoliate?

should you exfoliate

Skin is the source of house dust

The bulk of dust in your house is dead skin from the people who live in it. The skin is continually renewing itself from below and part of this process is the shedding of dead cells. This creates a lot of dusting. As always seems to be the case with the skin, it is fascinating to look into the details of the process. The bottom layer of the skin is the junction of the dermis with the epidermis. Cells from the dermis migrate upwards, losing their fluids and becoming more squashed as they get nearer to the surface.

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