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Differences Between Hand and Face Creams


I was asked a question by a journalist who was writing an article on the differences between hand and face creams.  It is an interesting question so I thought that now I have plugged my typewriter in I may as well share it more widely.  Before we look at the products lets look at the difference between the skin on the hands and the face. Continue reading

Is Retinol About To Be Banned In Cosmetics?


Eggs-Rich Source of Vitamin A

Retinol is one of a number of vitamin A derivatives that is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  When I wrote about it last time I glossed over one of its drawbacks.  Along with the rest of the vitamin A family overdosing can have some very serious health issues. Vitamin A is fat soluble and as such it is possible for it to build up in the body’s fat deposits. In extreme cases this can lead to birth defects. Continue reading

Milk of Magnesia for the Skin

Milk of Magnesia

This is an odd one.  Alexi writes

Hi, Colin

I have question about milk of magnesia. A lot of ladies are saying that it’s effective at controlling oil on their skin, but is it safe? I’ve heard that milk of magnesia has a pH of 10.5. Wouldn’t it disrupt the skins acid mantle over a long period of time?

I had this discussion with a couple of other ladies. One told me that she asked her professors (retired doctors) and they told her it’s not strong enough to change the skins pH. Another lady told me that her husband (who’s a cosmetic chemist) told her that using it daily would not cause any long term damage. I would like to know your opinion. Thank you!

I have no idea what would suggest to someone that applying a treatment for an upset stomach to ones face was a good idea. Continue reading

Eczema on the Eyelids

eczema of the eyelids

A question from Breanna who suffers from eczema, eyelids being her particular problem.

Hello! I just found your page from a post on Reddit.com. I will get right to the point-I have eczema all over my body, but the worst part is my EYELIDS! They do -okay- in the summertime, but with the wind and cold comes a horrible condition. This began happening a few years ago and I found a suggestion online (it was hard to find anyone talking about this, so I suppose it is rare) that said to use Burt’s Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream. I love this product, but it is a bit expensive for me. I am a student and while .5 ounces lasts a while, I hate having to spend $20 all at once on this product. What is worse, the only place in the U.S. I have been able to find it is in Whole Foods stores, and the closest one is over an hour away from my home. I was wondering if you perhaps knew of any other products that may be cheaper/easier to find? Some of the products I have tried that did not seem to work: Vaseline (this seems to prevent it from getting worse, but does nothing to help the damage already there) Nivea Even tried ChapStick Neem Aura balm Bag Balm etc. All of these products stung and burned, and none worked to reverse and heal the dryness except the Burt’s Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream. Any information you have would be AMAZING

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Rosacea is a condition where the skin turns red for prolonged periods of time.  It is most common in fair skinned people – largely because it is more noticeable.  It also more common in women, though possibly because they take more notice of their skin.  And it mainly strikes between the ages of 20 and 50.  It doesn’t attract a huge amount of attention from the medical profession: I imagine they have more serious conditions on their minds.  But it is very distressing if you actually have it. Continue reading

Lisa Lise Toners Review

lisaliseIf you read my post on skin toners you’ll know the background to this review.  Lisa Lise is a Danish cosmetic scientist who develops individualised cosmetic products to suit the needs of her clients.  She offered to do a skin toner for me when I said that I wasn’t sure what a skin toner actually did.  In fact she went one better and has done two for me. Continue reading

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar Water Products Are Becoming More Popular


Micellar Water? What on earth is that?  Why am I talking about it? It is a trend in make up removing products.  Some of them are being puffed at the moment as being micellar.  The ones I have heard about so far are Lancome’s Eau Micellaire Douceur, Laroche Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Micellar Water, Caudalie’s Cleansing Water and Darphin’s Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water.  But there are probably more and I don’t think we’ll have long to wait for them. Continue reading

Products for around the eyes


The area around the eyes is in need of some thought when it comes to selecting products

The area of skin around the eyes, specifically the area just under and beside the eyes themselves is one that a lot of people are troubled by. It seems to have more propensity to form wrinkles and is also the place where wrinkles are most obvious. It is a particularly thin area of the skin but is very well supplied with blood vessels. Any interuption to those blood vessels can cause them to clot very visibly creating what are known as spider veins. This area of the skin is also pretty continuously exposed to light as well, so if there is any photodamage going this is one of the places it is likely to appear. Continue reading

Colin Solves Your Problems 6: Milia



I have suffered from milia for many years and want to know which products are good for preventing and treating milia. I understand I need to exfoliate well but wondered if you could recommend a good skin care range cleanse exfoliate and moisturise that won’t add to the milia. Also is there a better foundation or blusher to use as my milia spots tend to build up on my cheeks were I would place blusher.

Many Thanks


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